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Foto: Gerold Meppelink
Foto: Gerold Meppelink

Meltdown 2040

A Science-Fiction Show based on texts by Stanislaw Lem and Wolf Singer
Firstly, there can be no one on this Earth who would know any better than we do and secondly, even if there were such a meta-intelligence, they wouldn’t be able to encourage future developments toward a specific goal purely on principle. Earth’s population has to be evacuated; a cybernetic melt-down is about to happen. But the danger is in no way proportional to the expected success: At the headquarters of the UAC specialists are working on calibrating the intelligence booster. They are wearing party hats. They are drinking coffee. Free will is their utopian goal.
Produced by and starring: Manuel Gerst, Sebastian König, Matthias Meppelink, Stefanie Panknin, Sahar Rahimi, Malte Scholz, Anna Teuwen

Opening night: Feb 2, 2005, Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Rehearsal Stage, Giessen