Monster Truck

Foto: Rafael Hadad
Foto: Rafael Hadad

Goal Mania

“The ball is round and a match lasts 90 minutes,” as a popular German idiom goes. Parallel to the world cup in Brazil two teams are facing off against each other and they couldn’t be more different. The “intellectually delayed” actors of the HORA theatre meet the ensemble of the Schauspielhaus Zürich. Will the disabled performers be kicked out of the stadium or is there going to be a Miracle of Zurich? And who will win the hearts of the audience? The definite underdog challenges the odds-on favorite. David against Goliath. Zurich has caught the soccer fever. Secure your tickets now and cheer your team toward success! Try to navigate the confusion of the discourse about discrimination and soccer shop talk! Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this mixture of both theatre and sports event! A spectacle full of larger-than- life emotions, sweat-drenched prize athletes and the big question about political correctness awaits. Sausages, beer and entertainment will be provided. Let the games begin.

Produced by: HORA theatre, Monster Truck, the ensemble of the Schauspielhaus Zürich and many guests both from the worlds of theatre and soccer.
Management: Manuel Gerst, Nele Jahnke, Julia Reichert
Project partner Credit Suisse AG

Katja Baigger, NZZ, FC Hora VS FC Schauspielhaus Happy Without A Chance?rMonday, Jun 30, 2014

“I never doubted our complete and utter lack of a chance.” (Richard Golz German keeper)
Parallel to the World Cup in Brazil, on Saturday members of the Schauspielhaus ensemble competed against the mentally handicapped actors of the HORA theatre. The outcome of the match was clear. But that isn’t the point. Reality is ruthless. The production sometimes veers toward a ‘real game’. But even in a soccer match a little bit of theater may be found. There is good and evil, kisses and bites. There are the dissemblers and the tormented, the heroes and the anti-heroes. If the show doesn’t go according to the studied choreography, there will be jeers and catcalls. Bringing these two disciplines together does not seem far-fetched. This is how the production of “Goal Mania” was created, a co-production of the Schauspielhaus Zürich and the handicapped theatre group Hora. Anyone who hoped the Schiffbau playhouse would stay a World Cup-free zone - guess again. Of course the audience and the orchestrated masses of the “fans” are in for a slightly different soccer experience.